Archive: February, 2020

Unplanned discharges: Greater Wellington's role explained

  • Published Date 13 Feb 2020

A number of unplanned sewage discharges have happened across the Wellington Region recently, which has caused widespread concern among communities, as well as confusion about who is responsible for the…

Rainbow bus unveiling

  • Published Date 12 Feb 2020

A double decker bus wrapped in rainbow colours will be seen on Wellington's streets from February 17 following an official launch at 11am on Reef Street, Island Bay.

World Wetlands Day celebrated at ZEALANDIA

  • Published Date 04 Feb 2020

Locals got the chance to learn more about the freshwater in their own back yard thanks to a World Wetlands Day event at ZEALANDIA on Sunday 2 February.

Cheaper bus fares for off-peak travellers

  • Published Date 04 Feb 2020

Greater Wellington Regional Council today agreed to an earlybird off-peak bus fare trial, making travel cheaper for morning commuters.

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