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Hutt River Flood Plain Management Plan

Hutt River Flood Plain Management Plan

Updated 29 March 2019 11:56am

What is it?

The Hutt River Floodplain Management Plan is a 40-year blueprint for managing and implementing programmes that will gradually reduce the effects of flooding from the Hutt River. The Plan was developed over 10 years by community groups and organisations in the Hutt Valley and reflects how these parties believe the flood risk should be managed. The Plan is non-statutory, which means that it contains no regulations such as the rules you will find in district or regional planning documents.

What does the plan include?

The Plan outlines a holistic approach to flood protection, combining physical protection (such as stopbanks and river realignment) with non-structural measures (such as appropriate land zoning and preparing communities for flooding). It also looks at environmental opportunities and ways to enhance the river environment.

There is detailed information on the flood hazard from the Hutt River, including a summary of selected flood management methods that have been chosen for the Hutt Valley, with details on funding, implementation and monitoring, as well as relevant policies, plans and hazard maps.

The Plan is a living document, so it will be updated every 10 years or after major floods to reflect changes in circumstances and the changing needs of the community.

Who is responsible for making it happen?

Greater Wellington is responsible for managing and supporting the implementation of the Plan. We will do this in partnership with the Hutt and Upper Hutt City Councils, iwi and the Hutt Valley community through our annual and business plan process.

Funding of the management, flood mitigation and flood warning systems is achieved through special purpose and regional rates applied by Greater Wellington.

What does the plan mean for you?

The Hutt River Floodplain Management Plan is important to you if you are a resident of Lower or Upper Hutt cities, or belong to a public agency, interest group, club or business associated with these cities. You should use this plan to determine:

  • whether you are directly affected by the flood hazard
  • whether you will be directly affected by any flood protection structures or possible planning and emergency management measures
  • how you can help to prepare yourself for flooding
  • how your community money is used to fund works under the Plan
  • whether there are opportunities to enhance the river environment that will benefit you.

You can view a hard copy of the Plan at the front desk of Greater Wellington, Hutt City Council and Upper Hutt City Council or at the main libraries of the Hutt Valley and Wellington City.

If you have assets or an interest in the Hutt Valley, it is important that you read Living with the River. It contains information about the river and the floodplain, the risk of flooding, and what has been done to minimise its impact. It is also the first stage in developing a full management plan which will show how the Hutt River will be managed in the future.