We are already seeing the impacts of climate change on our region and these will continue to become more apparent over time.

Temperatures are warming and weather patterns are shifting, and these changes will have both positive and negative effects for different activities. It is important that we understand the projected impacts of climate change, so we can factor this into our planning and the work that we do. 

A report we commissioned from NIWA in 2017 projects that there will be significant impacts to our region by 2090 if global emissions are not significantly reduced. The annual regional temperatures, for instance, could increase by up to 3°C.

  • Wellington and Wairarapa will experience significant increase in hot days
  • Frost occurrence, including in the high elevation areas, is projected to significantly decrease
  • Spring rainfall will reduce by up to 15% in eastern areas
  • Up to 15% more winter rainfall could be experienced along the west coast
  • The risk of drought will increase in the Wairarapa
  • More extreme rainfall events

Climate change projections for west of Wellington’s Tararua and Remutaka Ranges

Climate Change Projections for the Wairarapa

Updated February 26, 2024 at 9:13 AM

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