Further submissions are now open

Further Submissions are open 5 December and close at 5pm on 19 December 2022. 

The further submission period for the Proposed Plan Change 1 to the RPS was publicly notified on 5 December  2022: You can view the public notice – Further submissions here.  (PDF 167 KB)

The Summary of Decisions Requested can be viewed at Regional Policy Statement Plan Change 1 Submissions

An Addendum to the Summary of Decisions Requested has been publicly notified to address errors and omissions in the Summary of Decisions Requested document. The closing date for further submissions on the submission points in the Addendum document has been extended to 5.00pm on 17 January 2023. Further submissions on all other submission points must be received by Monday, 19 December 2022.

What is a further submission? 

The scope of a further submission is narrower than the first round of submissions. A further submission is a submission made in support of, or opposition to, another person or party’s submission point made in the first round of submissions.

Further submissions must be limited to those matters raised in submissions. It provides an opportunity to assess the effect an original submission may have on you, and to have your views considered by the Council alongside the original submission.

Who can make a further submission

A further submission may only be made on the RPS Plan Change 1 by a person who: 

  • Represents a relevant aspect of the public interest; and
  • Has an interest in the proposal that is greater than the interest of the general public. 

(an explanation for how you qualify for this category must also be provided) 


  • The local authority itself. 

How to make a further submission

1) The easiest way is to use the online submission portal Spoken,

This portal is a user-friendly way to complete an electronic further submission. You create a log which saves your progress as you go, this allows you to work on your further submission at any time up until the submission period closes on 19 December 2022. We will send you an email to reminder you to submit before the close date. 


2) You can fill out this Further Submission Form (Form 6) (PDF 234 KB) . (   (DOCX 65 KB) ). Paper copies will be available from reception in our Cuba Street and Masterton offices.  

Once you have filled out the form, please send it in via one of the below methods: 

  • Email it to regionalplan@gw.govt.nz.  
  • Post it to: PO Box 11646, Manners St, Wellington 6142, ATT: Hearings Adviser.  
  • Drop it off at reception at one of Greater Wellington’s offices, marked ATT: Hearings Adviser.  

Next steps:  

The Further Submissions process will close at 5pm on Monday 19 December 2022. 

The deadline for further submissions on the Addendum 1 to the Summary of Submission (PDF 258 KB) only is Tuesday 17 January 2023.

The deadline for further submissions on the Addendum 2 to the Summary of Submission (PDF 400 KB) only is Wednesday 25 January 2023.

The deadline for further submissions on the Addendum 3 to the Summary of Submission (PDF 223 KB) only is Thursday 9 February 2023.


Hearings are anticipated to begin in early 2023.  

We will be in contact with Submitters and Further Submitters, closer to the time to schedule speaking times for the hearings.  

If you would like to register yourself as an ‘interested party’ for the Proposed RPS Plan Change 1 please email  regionalplan@gw.govt.nz to be added to our mailing list. This will provide regular updates on the process. (Please note all Submitters are already on an RPS mailing list.)

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