Chris Laidlaw elected GWRC Chair

  • Published Date 30 Jun 2015

Chris Laidlaw was today elected chair of the Greater Wellington Regional Council at a Council meeting. His election followed the resignation as Chair today of Fran Wilde.

10 Year Plan to boost resilience, public transport

  • Published Date 30 Jun 2015

An ambitious new 10 Year Plan adopted by GWRC today includes a significant investment in infrastructure to boost resilience in the region as well as new money to continue to…

Natural Resources Plan provides certainty for resource use

  • Published Date 30 Jun 2015

Greater Wellington Regional Council today approved a ground-breaking new Proposed Natural Resources Plan that sets out rules and guidelines for protecting and sustainably using natural resources in the region.

Collaborative approach to flood protection in Masterton

  • Published Date 19 Jun 2015

A collaborative approach to flood protection in Masterton, with the long-term objective of achieving a 100-year level of protection, plus allowance for climate change, has been has been agreed by Masterton District Council…

More Park & Ride to meet Waikanae commuter demand

  • Published Date 16 Jun 2015

An end to parking woes at Waikanae Station is in sight with a decision today by Greater Wellington Regional Council to buy the land on which the Waikanae Hotel currently…

Information flows at River Scheme AGMs

  • Published Date 08 Jun 2015

Last week eight of Wairarapa's ten river scheme committees met in in Masterton to discuss work programmes for 2015/16, elect chairmen, agree scheme rates and understand more about riverworks resource…

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