Waiōhine River Plan submission deadline extended

  • Published Date 29 Jul 2021

Consultation on a new Waiōhine River Plan has been extended to 5pm on 16 August to ensure people throughout the Wairarapa have the opportunity to get involved and have their say on the future of flood protection on the Waiōhine River.

The plan examines and builds upon extensive work by Greater Wellington into flood protection options, undertaken before the broader community indicated its wish to lead the development of a river management plan supported by the regional council.

“We’ve had strong community input into the river plan, now we want to hear views from throughout the community to test whether we’re moving in the right direction. We’ve extended the deadline for public submissions to ensure everyone has a fair go at expressing their views and we end up with a broad-based consensus on the river’s future,” says Greater Wellington Councillor and Waiōhine Steering Group chair Adrienne Staples.

“So now it’s up to community members to provide their views on what we believe is an affordable flood protection plan that will protect public safety while preserving, as far as possible, the natural character and cultural values of the river. It’s their river and its their views we need to hear.”

Submissions can be made on Have Your Say

Updated October 12, 2021 at 4:22 PM

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