Taranaki Whānui sign a new increased funding agreement with Greater Wellington to build partnership capacity

  • Published Date 16 Aug 2021

Taranaki Whānui sign a new increased funding agreement with Greater Wellington, one of six revised agreements with iwi of the region, to build their capacity to partner, co-design and deliver on work programmes alongside Greater Wellington by 2023.

Taranaki Whānui are the first iwi to sign the new increased funding agreement, with other iwi to do the same in coming weeks. 

Chair of Taranki Whānui, Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust, Holden Hohaia says, “The increased funding is an indication that Council recognises the importance of the voice of Māori, and in particular the renewed agreement enables iwi to contribute strategically and thoughtfully.”

Greater Wellington’s Pou Whakarae Monica Fraser says, the signing ceremony began with kōrero on the deep significance that Taranaki Whānui is the first iwi to sign the agreement.

“The current Greater Wellington premise on Cuba Street was blessed at our opening by mana whenua in 2020, this was historically protected and nurtured gardens that spanned from central Wellington to Island Bay, and provided kai and resources for its people.”

“Acknowledging this is vital to open discussions on how we can look to the future of building engagement and partnership, and transforming systems and approaches to working with mana whenua within our council.”

The boost in funding will see better engagement with iwi across an agreed and aligned work programme, with the first and primary focus on coming together and building capacity within iwi to do so.

“Each iwi will drive how they wish to allocate the funds to building their capacity, tailored to individual needs of the iwi and the unique ways that they operate,” says Monica Fraser.

The second stage of the agreement is working with each iwi to co-design a work programme that is of mutual benefit to both parties by 2023.

Greater Wellington’s Deputy Chief Executive and incoming Chief Executive in mid-September, Nigel Corry says, “This is an exciting step forward in aligning and co-designing programmes with iwi across our region to ensure we have stronger mana whenua input and lens on our future work.”

“These programmes span from initiatives within our catchment and environment areas to strategy and policy development,” says Nigel Corry.

Updated October 12, 2021 at 4:32 PM

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