Take to the park in the dark

  • Published Date 06 Mar 2015

Walkers seeking another-worldly experience should join regional council rangers for a night time walk in the Pakuratahi Forest's Tunnel Gully Recreation Area on Wednesday 11 March.

"Walking through a dark forest can be strange and just a little spooky but also pleasantly surprising," says regional council ranger Thane Walls. "It provides another perspective on what goes on in the bush under cover of darkness."

Walkers will split into two groups and tramp by torchlight while the rangers comment on the constellations of stars unhindered by light, the haunting 'ruru' call of the Morepork, our last surviving native owl, and the fleeting silver of our native fish.

"We'll spot the fish with our flashlights as they dart around in the river. Then we will go in search of the glint of glow worms in the black light of the Managaoa Tunnel and surrounding bush. The park in the dark is an interesting experience, it's like the tables are turned on us by the environment. Not many people get to experience it," says Thane.

Duration of the easy walk is 1hour 15 minutes and it's suitable for all ages. Just bring a torch.

Bookings are essential.

What:                    Park in the Dark guided walk

Where:                  Pakuratahi Forest, Tunnel Gully Recreation Area Park

When:                  Wednesday 11 March - 8:00pm-9:15pm

Cost:                      Free

Bookings:            bookings@gw.govt.nz; or call Zoe Ogilvie on 830-4041.

The event is part of Greater Wellington Regional Council's Great Outdoors Summer Events Programme.

More information:  Zoe Ogilvie on 830-4041. 

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