Sprinkler ban for region's four cities in force from Saturday

  • Published Date 06 Mar 2015

Sprinkler ban for region's four cities in force from Saturday

A ban on the use of garden sprinklers and irrigation systems will come into force from 12am, Saturday 7 March in Porirua, Hutt, Wellington, and Upper Hutt.

 The four city councils have agreed to impose this next stage of their watering restrictions at the request of Wellington Water, which manages their water supply.

 If there's no significant break in the dry weather, or if demand stays too high, more stringent restrictions could be introduced in as little as two to three weeks, says Noel Roberts, Operations Manager for Wellington Water.

The need for the ban was triggered by the reduced availability of water from rivers, after record dry weather in January. The Wainuiomata Water Treatment Plant - one of three treatment plants that serve the four cities - is no longer operating due to lack of water.

"While some rain is forecast for the weekend, we need at least a week of significant rainfall to improve things," Mr Roberts said.

"The point of the sprinkler ban is to ensure there's enough water to meet essential needs over the coming weeks.

 "We need to keep water use down to below 150 million litres per day. If we can keep demand for water low, then what we've got will last longer and we can hopefully avoid a major water shortage."

The ban means that household use of garden sprinklers, irrigation systems and other forms of unattended watering are not permitted at any time. Careful watering by hand is still okay.

Wellington Water is assessing the situation daily. If demand stays high, or water availability continues to fall, city councils may impose a total ban on outdoor water use.

 Ideas to save water:

  • Use a flow control trigger on hoses
  • Sweep up garden waste instead of hosing it away
  • Put off non-essential outdoor jobs, like washing windows or the car, until the water supply situation improves
  • Run only full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine only
  • Fill sinks and basins less full than usual
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth

 About Wellington Water

Wellington Water is a council controlled organisation owned by Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt and Wellington city councils.

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