Snapper and Metlink win "Most Innovative Customer Serving Operator" at world's largest Transport Ticketing forum

  • Published Date 25 Jun 2021

At the TT2021 Digital Forum, the world's largest transport ticketing forum, broadcast from London, Snapper and Metlink have won "Most Innovative Customer Serving Operator".

Snapper produced an insights product that was heavily relied upon during Wellington's Level 4 lockdown last year.

Miki Szikszai, Snapper CEO says that the Insights service had been in use since 2018, but was quickly repurposed with added tools during lockdown.

"Originally, Snapper's Insights service was set up to monitor compliance and enable macro-level continuous improvement in the Wellington network. During lockdowns, we repurposed the tool to further enable data-driven, day-by-day changes to the network.

"Capacity limitations meant that in May 2020, buses were limited to 20-40% of vehicle capacity, while Wellington still saw strong demand of around 46% of regular patronage levels. Trip analysis via Snapper's Insights tool meant that the network could be monitored and adjusted daily.

"This meant that the Wellington region was able to maintain punctual, reliable service, and passengers could travel with the confidence their journey would be safe regardless of New Zealand's alert level.

Scott Gallacher, General Manager for Metlink, says the Snapper Insights service was invaluable during the early response to COVID-19.

"Through Insights, we were able to gain specific information on exact routes, times, and trips that were overloaded, or those with slack that could be redirected to at-capacity areas.

There might have been routes that had higher numbers of essential workers that were being used far more than other routes. Snapper's Insights meant we could move our bus fleet to where it was needed almost instantly," says Scott Gallacher.

Miki Szikszai says his team is proud of the work alongside Greater Wellington and Metlink during Wellington's Covid response.

"The judges were looking for an organisation that had a truly positive impact on how passengers or a group of passengers interact with public transport and we feel we do that every day. It's wonderful to be acknowledged on the world stage," adds Miki Szikszai.

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