Refurbishments for carriages on Wairarapa Train Line

  • Published Date 26 Feb 2020

Train passengers on the Wairarapa Line will enjoy refurbishments to carriages with work already underway to improve comfort for customers.

Greater Wellington Regional Council Transport Committee Chair Roger Blakeley says carriages are being refurbished to improve the customer experience on board and address the outdated equipment and furniture.

"All of the 24 carriages on the Wairarapa Line are being upgraded with interior and exterior improvements including air conditioning overhauls and upgrades."

"Seating will be more comfortable thanks to new cushions for the bases, backs and headrests and new covers to match, and the flip down seats will also be updated," Cr Blakeley says.

Other interior work includes grab rails on the seat backs being refurbished and repainted in Metlink green, tables having their edges refreshed, and new carpet. The exterior of the carriages will be completely repainted, and the windows’ glass replaced.

"We have commenced an overhaul programme on the carriage air conditioning units, with a number of key components replaced to improve reliability and increase cooling capacity."

"To avoid disruptions and impacts on carriage availability, while fast tracking improvements for customers, we are undertaking the seat and table improvements separate from the painting, windows and carpet replacement projects."

"The seat and table improvements can be undertaken around routine carriage maintenance, while the painting, windows and carpet replacement requires the carriage to be out of service for several weeks, and is not expected to be fully completed until the end of 2022," Cr Blakeley says.

Updated February 25, 2022 at 9:47 AM

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