Pedal, pump, jump - Bike Fest is your carbon reduction month

  • Published Date 21 Sep 2020

Locals are checking their brakes, pumping up tyres and fastening helmets for this October's Kia Eke Paihikara Tātou Greater Welly Bike Fest, a month that celebrates climate friendly forms of transport.

Greater Wellington Regional Council Travel Choice Coordinator Amelia Wilkins says the aim of the festival is to get the hapori whānui (wider community) out on their bikes and making the most of their regional backyard.

"We're encouraging people to take the next step on their bike journey. For some, that could be jumping on a bike for the first time, or thinking about the riding route they'll take to the shops, school or work," says Amelia.

Greater Welly Bike Fest will be run in close collaboration with a number of local councils and community partners where there will be a range of events for all ages and skill sets.

"We'll have a ‘cargo bike picnic’ to show the many ways people can carry their children on bikes. Also, we'll be celebrating the opening of a new track at Carrington Park in Carterton where there will be obstacle courses for tamariki and e-bike demos for whānau during the school holidays across the region," Amelia says.

There is a focus on bike security, so people will have an opportunity to learn about the best locks available and how to register their bikes to guard them against theft.

A key event in the festival will be the Queen Elizabeth Park family day which will take place on Labour Day.

Greater Wellington Transport Committee Chair, Roger Blakeley says, "These events are a great opportunity for passionate or first time cyclists to come together, to share some skills and laughs.

"We also want to give people the tools to choose a bike over a car for short trips, which helps to reduce carbon emissions and ease congestion," adds Cr Blakeley.

For more information about events happening across the region visit GW's events page.

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