Keeping regional property owners up-to-date with flooding risks

  • Published Date 12 Jul 2017

People buying, building or developing property need to know beforehand whether it is prone to flooding, and that's what they can discover if they use Greater Wellington Regional Council's just released online Flood Hazard Mapping tool.

Its interactive mapping and updated flood maps mean homeowners, renters, property developers, lawyers and anyone else interested in property can quickly look up a regional address and get an indication of the impacts flooding may have for individual properties.

"It's easy to use, easy to understand, easily available and free,” says Greater Wellington Regional Council Flood Manager Graeme Campbell.

The Flood Hazard Mapping tool, as well as general flood hazard maps for rivers and schemes across our region, brings flood extent information together in one convenient online place.

"This is great news for people involved in property. By showing the flood risk for individual properties it provides facts people need when considering purchasing or development. It helps people to invest with their eyes wide open," says Mr Campbell.

Information in this tool is not intended to replace a LIM report for individual properties. People are encouraged to request further information about individual properties so they can better understand how any possible flood hazard may affect their properties.

To see the flood mapping too, go to:

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