Independent chair appointed to role at Greater Wellington

  • Published Date 24 Sep 2020

Greater Wellington Regional Council has appointed Martin Matthews as independent chair of Greater Wellington's Finance, Risk and Assurance Committee (FRAC). This is a key role on the committee that looks over the regional council's financial management, risk management, and assurance policies, frameworks and services such as auditing of financial statements and regulatory compliance.

Martin Matthews comes to the position with the right experience and skills for the role, having an audit background and familiarity at senior levels with general and public transport issues and funding.

The council was particularly impressed by Mr Matthew's technical depth and understanding and broad strategic view of the issues that confront Greater Wellington, which sat well with his measured manner, and people-centred approach. His referees commented positively on his collaborative style.

"We are really pleased to be able to announce Mr Matthew's appointment. We believe he will provide the council with the expert, external and independent assessment of council performance required to promote public confidence in in our activities," says Greater Wellington chair Cr Daran Ponter.

"This is a key position on a committee which holds the council to account for financial and operational performance. We believe he not only has a range of appropriate professional disciplines but also the curiosity and the courage required to question and challenge reports on Greater Wellington's performance."

Greater Wellington covers more than 8,000 square kilometres of the lower North Island - the northern boundary runs from north of О̄taki on the west coast across to north of Castlepoint on the east coast. Council is responsible for a range of activities and services including public transport, environmental management, flood protection, harbours, and the supply of bulk drinking water to the four city councils within the Wellington Region.

The next meeting of the FRAC is on 20 October 2020.

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