Improved train services for Johnsonville

  • Published Date 08 Oct 2015

More reliable services, more choice of travel times and more seats are in store for Johnsonville Line commuters.

"From Monday 27 October 2015 after Labour weekend, there'll be a new timetable for Johnsonville train services, including additional services in each direction during the peak hours," says Paul Swain, Chair of Greater Wellington Regional Council's Sustainable Transport Committee.

"Johnsonville Line services, particularly peak hour services, have been unsatisfactory for some time. Because of the single track, if one train is late it has a huge effect on services for the rest of the peak time.

"Tranz Metro trials of a train every 15 minutes during peak hours have been very successful.  The change removes the uneven spacing of peak services and provides an additional train in each direction per peak hour.  This will give commuters more choice of travel times and more trains in the peak which means more seats.  Off peak services in the middle of the day and in the evenings remain unchanged.

"We hope to see a significant improvement in reliability with these changes, restoring Johnsonville Line commuters’ confidence that their trains will get them where they need to be on time."

Paul Swain says the Johnsonville Line changes have been made possible by the new fleet of Matangi trains which began arriving in May. 

"Following rigorous testing all new Matangi trains will have been put into service on the Johnsonville Line.  Equally importantly the new trains are fitted with wheel dampers which help reduce the noise generated on the tight corners line.  Early indications are that the new train wheels are making a difference at most sites, however track side investigations and works continue at certain locations."

The entire fleet of 35 new Matangi trains is expected to be in Wellington mid-2016.

New Johnsonville Line timetables are available at

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