Greater Wellington strongly supports government moves on climate change

  • Published Date 28 Jan 2021

Greater Wellington strongly supports the Government's increased focus and faster pace on climate change, and welcomes its pledge of $50 million towards decarbonisation of public transport.

"It feels like we're really beginning to up the ante on our climate response, with key decisions that show a clear direction on achieving significant reductions in emissions from the national transport fleet and more to come," says Greater Wellington councillor and chair of its transport committee, Cr Roger Blakeley.

For Wellington, emissions are a key issue because while total emissions over the past two decades fell by around 5 per cent, our transport emissions grew by 14 per cent.

"Greater Wellington has actively pursued a policy of transitioning from petrol and diesel buses to electric power. We are already committed to adding a further 98 electric buses which will boost our e-buses to 21 per cent of the Metlink fleet.

"But with support we can move faster, and we hope to quickly engage with the Government on how its new fund can speed the pace of transition.

"We're past the point of buying buses powered by fossil fuel, and we are mightily pleased to see that the Government shares our view."

The Government's timeline for bus decarbonisation follows Greater Wellington's work under its comprehensive climate change strategy, which was developed last year following its declaration of a climate emergency. The strategy set a target with the objective of taking the council's operation to carbon positivity by 2035, based on two ten-point action plans that supplement its earlier 2015 Climate Change Strategy.

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