Greater Wellington appoints new Chief Executive

  • Published Date 14 Jun 2021

Greater Wellington has ended its search for a new Chief Executive, with the Council appointing Nigel Corry as Chief Executive for a five-year term.

Nigel Corry will take over the reins on 15 September and will be familiar to iwi, stakeholders and community members, having served as the current Deputy Chief Executive of Greater Wellington since September 2018, as well as serving as General Manager Environment, General Manager of People & Customer and a number of other environmental roles at Greater Wellington in a career with the council dating back to 1998.

Nigel Corry has a strong track record of building high staff engagement and trust and brings a wealth of environmental analysis and policy, government relations, iwi engagement, and negotiating skills to the table from his roles at Greater Wellington and elsewhere.

Cr Glenda Hughes, Chair of the Chief Executive Employment Review Committee, says the appointment was a fitting outcome to a robust process.

 "From the outset Councillors were looking for a candidate with the necessary leadership, vision and capability to drive our organisation and region forward. It's a demanding role now, with government and our communities raising expectations on clean water, sustainable biodiversity and resilient infrastructure. There's a fast moving tide of change coming our way and Nigel is the right person to meet that challenge," says Cr Hughes.

Daran Ponter, chair of Greater Wellington, said the appointment was a fantastic outcome for the Wellington region, its people and the environment.

"As Councillors we've valued Nigel's counsel over a number of years now and a seamless transition to his leadership provides ongoing stability and assurance to all of our staff, our Mana Whenua partners, stakeholders and the communities we serve across the region.

Nigel understands more than anyone that as the region's environmental protection agency, our communities are relying on us more than ever to maintain a thriving and sustainable environment, and as Chief Executive he will need to look at how we organise ourselves now and in the future to make sure we continue to put in the hard mahi to help meet the community's expectations," says Cr Ponter.

Nigel Corry will take over from Greg Campbell, who has served seven years as Chief Executive. Daran Ponter congratulated Greg Campbell for his regional leadership during his time with the Council.

"Greg has been an excellent steward for our region, ushering in true community-led freshwater plans through Whaitua, increasing public transport patronage and provision with the introduction of Metlink, declaring a climate emergency and a clear path to carbon positivity. He's also led the local government sector on a many key issues facing New Zealand, including rest and meal break legislation and local government reform.

Greater Wellington has also taken great strides forward in its cultural, commercial, and organisational competencies, with the Office of the Ombudsman praising the regional council's strong culture of openness under Greg's leadership. His legacy provides an excellent springboard for Nigel going forward," adds Cr Ponter.

Nigel Corry says he feels privileged to have the opportunity to lead an organisation he's helped shape over several years.

"Our region is a place like no other and I'm looking forward to working alongside my colleagues, Councillors, iwi partners, stakeholders and communities. We all have a job to do in protecting our precious environment and promoting our region as a wonderful place to live, work and play."

Greater Wellington will now start the transition to Nigel Corry's leadership ahead of his September commencement.

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