Flood Clean-up Continues for Porirua Stream

  • Published Date 26 Aug 2015

Work to alleviate storm water outlet blockages, localised flooding and management of a huge volume of unwanted gravel in the Porirua Stream will begin next week.    The May floods deposited a significant amount of material along a 1km stretch of Porirua Stream within the central business district.  Around 3,500 cubic metres of gravel will be removed over 3-4 weeks.  Some weekend work is possible.

"The May floods were a huge weather event for our region.  While gravel movement and large deposits like this are part of a river system's natural processes, this section of the Porirua Stream is highly modified.  Leaving the material in the channel will mean a number of unwanted impacts for the neighbouring community," says Graeme Campbell, GWRC Manager Flood Protection.

"Work will take place in the stream channel during the daytime only.  This allows any fine sediment to settle and gives water time to absorb oxygen, minimising effects on the fish or aquatic species of this eco-system."

Contractors have been commissioned to clear the stream channel downstream of the CBD, initially removing gravel and building an access causeway. They will work along a 1km stretch of Porirua Stream up to the access ramp above the Station Road bridge.

GWRC Flood Protection engineers have already set an optimum stream bed level and reviewed infrastructure and erosion in the area. The gravel removed from the site will be used on local roading projects such as Transmission Gully.


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