Fire danger closes large areas of East Harbour Regional Park

  • Published Date 16 Feb 2024
  • Author Emma Harrison

Baring Head/Ōrua-Pouanui and Parangarahu Lakes are temporarily closed to the public due to extreme fire danger. From today, Friday 16 February, access to Parangarahu Lakes and Baring Head/Ōrua-Pouanui is prohibited.

As the roading authority, Hutt City Council has also made the decision to close Pencarrow Coast Road via Burdan’s Gate until further notice.

Greater Wellington eastern parks team leader Ricky Clarkson says the closure of the two large areas of the regional park is a precautionary measure to protect visitors, staff and the wider Eastbourne community.

“The eastern coastline is exposed and extremely dry at this time of year,” Clarkson says.

“The risk of fire catching and becoming uncontrollable could become a reality, and if the wind picks up, Eastbourne is very vulnerable.”

“Attempting to enter the park at this time would be dangerous. We are asking visitors to avoid these areas for their safety, and to consider visiting other regional parks where the risk may be lower.”

Private landowners will continue to have access through Burdan’s Gate, and the Northern Forest area of the East Harbour Regional Park remains open.

“We’ve had two fires in our regional parks in recent weeks. It’s important when visiting any of our regional parks that you know where you are and the exit routes available to you,” adds Clarkson.

Greater Wellington encourages visitors who see smoke or fire to call 111 immediately. 

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Updated February 16, 2024 at 4:11 PM

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