External chair sought for key Greater Wellington committee

  • Published Date 20 Jul 2020

Greater Wellington Regional Council is seeking an independent external chair for its Finance, Risk and Assurance Committee (FRAC).

FRAC oversees, reviews and reports to the council on the management and delivery of Greater Wellington's policies and frameworks for financial management, risk management, and assurance services.

An external chair for the committee will both facilitate and provide an independent, objective assessment of Greater Wellington's performance. Potential candidates must have a mix of skills, attributes and knowledge at the governance level to both lead FRAC and complement the skills and knowledge of the other committee members.

To be considered, candidates must have experience with audit and risk governance; an understanding of core business operations; and experience with working constructively by facilitating both robust discussions and collaboration.

"This is a key position on a committee which holds Greater Wellington to account for financial and operational performance," says council Chair Daran Ponter. "We're looking for someone not only with experience in a range of professional disciplines, but with the curiosity and courage to question and challenge decisions and reporting on Greater Wellington's performance.

"An external chair is often the best option to promote free and frank debate during committee meetings. This appointment also aligns the Controller and Auditor-General's best practice advice to give councillors confidence that they will receive independent advice and assurance."

The Wellington Region covers an area in excess of 8,000 square kilometres of the lower North Island - the northern boundary runs from north of Ōtaki on the west coast across to north of Castlepoint on the east coast. Greater Wellington is responsible for a range of activities and services including public transport, environmental management, flood protection, harbours, and the supply of bulk drinking water to the four city councils within the Wellington Region.

FRAC meets four times each year and candidates must have the capacity to devote the necessary time and effort to the responsibilities of an independent Chair.

To apply for this role candidates must email a cover letter, curriculum vitae (including three referees), and completed personal interest declaration to democratic.services@gw.govt.nz by Friday 7 August 2020. More information the role can be obtained from Mike Timmer, Greater Wellington's Treasurer, at mike.timmer@gw.govt.nz.

FRAC chair job description (PDF 357 KB)

Personal interests declaration (PDF 549 KB)

FRAC Terms of Reference 2019-22 triennium (PDF 418 KB)

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