El Nino? No worries - at Melling Station

  • Published Date 18 Sep 2015

A wetter, windier El Nino summer won't be a problem for Melling commuters with a new shelter set to be installed at the station to protect people from the elements as they wait for their train.

Trains have been stopping further south along the platform since a new, purpose-built safety buffer was installed at the end of the line earlier this year.

Paul Swain, Chair of the Regional Council's Sustainable Transport Committee, says while people can wait inside the station building, with a coffee, if the weather's bad, they still have to walk a fair distance to the train. "The southern end of the platform is totally exposed, so people really do need some shelter closer to the train. People have been asking for this for some time so they'll be pleased to know that progress is being made."

 Before the new shelter is installed, the platform needs to be upgraded to make it more even and safer to walk on.

Cr Swain says the work will take about eight weeks and is expected to start soon.
















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