Ecological survey for Pinehaven Stream

  • Published Date 03 Mar 2015

Work on mapping the fish and bird populations in Pinehaven and Silverstream will go ahead between 13-20 March, during which time Greater Wellington Regional Council contractors will be counting and recording the wildlife in the vicinity of the Pinehaven Stream.

The purpose of the work is to survey the area for significant native fish or birds to establish whether the regional council can improve or will need to specifically protect species' habitat or when designing flood management options for the Silverstream Floodplain Management Plan.

"We want to maintain the values of the habitat, and this survey is a step towards achieving that," says regional councillor and Hutt Valley Flood Management Sub-committee Chair Prue Lamason. "The results of the survey will feed into our approach to designing flood protection measures. However, design work will not start until the completion of the independent audit of Greater Wellington Regional Council's flood modelling and mapping, and the endorsement of the proposed floodplain management plan"

The timing of these surveys is critical and they can only be completed between December and April for fish, and bird surveys are best carried out in the autumn.

During the four day survey residents may see regional council ecology experts in the Pinehaven Stream or around Pinehaven and Silverstream. When walking the stream they will have to enter onto private property, but there will be no further intrusion beyond working in the stream. The surveyors will carry identification at all times and if residents are unsure about their presence they should ask them to produce ID.

The regional council has notified affected residents of the survey by letter.

For more information: please go to the webpage or media phone on 021 914 266. 

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