Daran Ponter elected as Greater Wellington Chair and Adrienne Staples as Deputy Chair

  • Published Date 28 Oct 2022
  • Author Emma Harrison

Greater Wellington elected its new chair and deputy chair today as the newly formed council met for the first time in its triennium following local elections.

Cr Daran Ponter was voted chair and Cr Adrienne Staples as his deputy. Both were elected unopposed which means both will serve a consecutive triennium in the positions. 

In his speech Cr Ponter said he looked forward to continuing the progress council made in the last triennium and for the next triennium saw working in partnership with Mana Whenua on a catchment scale, focusing more on rural parts of the Wellington region, and the response to climate change as the greatest opportunities.

"Greater Wellington is an eclectic organisation. As a regional council we are the environment protection authority, public transport agency, the river control authority, bulk water provider, the park ranger, pest controller, harbour master, major infrastructure provider, and the port owner".

“We’re charged with taking a regional focus: regional spatial planning; the priority of regional transport projects; advocating for the region; and setting climate targets.

“Our success across these areas will only be possible through our partnership with iwi, stronger collaboration with territorial authorities and stakeholders and a deeper understanding of the make up of our region.

“Greater Wellington needs to give greater effect to Te Tiriti through genuine and enduring relationships that are results focused. In the last triennium we signed new partnership agreements with our iwi partners, that was the first step on the Poutama, now we need to take the next.

“Despite nearly three quarters of our region being rural, Greater Wellington essentially has a metropolitan outlook. In this triennium we must double down on our understanding of the challenges facing the rural sector and how we adjust to climate change so environmental outcomes can be achieved for all parts of the region.

“In the last triennium we set bold targets for mode shift – getting more people on to public and active transport.  Those targets will fail unless we can secure the backbone of the public transport system: drivers, mechanics, frontline staff.  Only by working with operators, government and unions will we be able to recruit and sustain this workforce,” said Cr Ponter.

Deputy Chair Cr Adrienne Staples echoed regionalism in her address to the new cohort of councillors showing passion for the people and perspectives she represents in the Wairarapa.

“All councillors made declarations today to do what’s best for the region. I will do that to the best of my ability. However, my heart is in the Wairarapa and I without shame bring a Wairarapa viewpoint to the table, a rural viewpoint, a viewpoint of 75% of the land and 10% of the population.

“Sometimes that view point is different. It is not right or wrong it is different. If I say something that isn’t in step with you all I do that representing another part of our region and I will do that with the best of intentions so that we can all make decisions that are best for all of our region,” said Cr Staples.

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Updated October 28, 2022 at 2:52 PM

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