Council confirms annual plan and reduced rating level increase for 2020/21

  • Published Date 25 Jun 2020

Greater Wellington confirmed that its 2020/21 regional rates increase would be cut from the long term plan proposed average of 6.3% to 3% at a Council meeting around its annual plan today.

The decision was made by Council after careful consideration of the impact COVID-19 and will be achieved through a mixture of savings, reserves, and borrowing, so Greater Wellington can continue to invest in key work programmes such as flood defences, environmental work, implementing changes from the bus network review, and improving public transport services.

Greater Wellington Chair Daran Ponter says the overall impact of COVID-19 will still have to be worked through and Greater Wellington would be agile in its response.

"This council is committed to its goals of being a regional leader in environmental matters, upholding our carbon neutral goals and building trust with our communities through sound fiscal responsibility," adds Chair Ponter.

Greater Wellington will deliver a work programme with a reduced rates impact from that envisioned in its Long Term Plan for 2018-28. This reduction equates to an average increase of $0.21 and $1.18 per week for residential and business ratepayers respectively, and an average decrease of $0.18 for the rural ratepayers across all the Wellington Region.

Fact sheets highlighting some of the activities planned across the region during 2020/21 as well as more detail around rates can be found below: 

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