Pākuratahi Forest Weekly Calendar

Saturday 9 April - Sunday 10 April 2022
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Metro Plantation Forest Pākuratahi

Thinning operations underway in the vicinity of Goat Rock Road. Operational signage in place.

Fire danger

There are to be no fires lit and no cigarette smoking within the exotic forest estate. Any fires need to be reported to the Forest Manager 360 immediately after calling 111.

Maymorn Forest

The speed limit in the Forests is 30kph, please ensure that you obey this limit.

Not all vehicles are equipped with radios – drive to stop in half the clear distance ahead.

All vehicles must have headlights on in forest.

Beware of mountain bikes and pedestrians adjacent to logging roads.

All vehicles must give way to loaded logging trucks.

Pākuratahi Forest

Greater Wellington Regional Council Rangers will be on duty throughout the Forest.

Back Road is closed due to a culvert blow out.

Thinning operations are finishing in Goat Rock Road in the next week.

KNE feral ungulate hunting schedule

  • SH2 Remutaka Hill Road and surrounding area goat control, May 2022, Dela Rosa and Trig track closed for 2 hour periods during aerial operations
Updated April 14, 2022 at 4:53 PM

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