Transpower contractors will be operating in Puketiro/Hydro Valley.

Northpower pylon refurbishment will resume along Hydro Valley and Hydro Road.


  • Any incidents resulting in fire or potential for fire are to be reported immediately call 111
  • Rock Garden experienced 4WD drivers only due to difficult terrain
  • Caution is required when driving on all the forest's roads. Hazards may include fallen trees, washout debris and slips
  • Speed limit on forest roads is 30km/h
  • Devils Staircase/Rock Garden route difficult terrain experienced trail/quad riders only
  • Extra care needed when using all ford crossings

Akatarawa Forest Block

  • Greater Wellington Regional Council Rangers will be on duty throughout the Forest.
  • Whakatikei wetland closed to all motorised recreation users.

Metro Plantation Forestry Akatarawa

Pig hunting in the Metro Forest is now open. Permits are required - apply for your permit now.

Fire danger

There are to be no fires lit and no cigarette smoking within the exotic forest estate. Any fires need to be reported to the Forest360 forest manager immediately after calling 111.

Puketiro Forest

  • Please note the radio frequency in this forest. All users must have FOMS1 for communicating 
  • SRG Global will be undertaking works on the pylons in Puketiro forest over the next month

Hukinga Forest

  • Forest360, Metro Forest managers, will be harvesting Tassies block and Hukinga Valley. From August to December there will be no public recreational access into or though the harvest sites. This will apply to weekdays only. Public recreational access will be open on weekends only. However the harvest sites will still be restricted for access. Alternative access is open on the Kāpiti side of Akatarawa forest at Perhams road via Maungakotukutuku Valley road.  Download a map of the closed area.  (PNG 2.6 MB) For more information contact 0800 496 734.

Maungakotukutuku Forest

  • Harvesting and earthworks operations are underway in Maungakotukutuku Forest in the vicinity of Maungakotukutuku Road end. Strictly no public access.
  • Logging trucks will be using Maungakotukutuku Road. Caution required when using this road. Radio channel FOMS2
  • Earthworks operations likely this weekend in Tassies Block weather dependent.
  • Preparation for forestry logging operations are underway at the Maungakotukutuku Road end. From 21 March logging trucks will be using the road between 6am and 2pm weekdays for approximately 6 months. If you are accessing the Akatarawa forest through the Perhams Road entrance please be aware of the increased use on this road of heavy vehicles. The forest at Maungakotukutuku Road end (which has no official tracks) will be closed to public access for approximately 2 years.

Valley View Forest

  • Please note the radio frequency change in this forest. All users must now have FOMS1 for communicating.
  • Temporary road closures on Valley View Road between Beech Spur Road and the 6km mark Valley View Road in the coming week while roadside trees are thinned. Banners and road control will be in place. Call up on FOMS1.
  • Tree felling and thinning work is underway adjacent to Valley View Road between the 2 and 3km markers.  Expect temporary road closures whilst roadside trees are felled
  • Thinning operations are underway on Valley View Road around the 7 and 8km markers. 
  • Radio communication on these roads at all times
  • Logging operations have finished in Cruiser Drive but this area is still closed as road repairs are undertaken over the next month. Harvesting is now underway in Lindsay’s Block at the end of Lindsay’s Road and is expected to finish in March 2022.  Download a map of the operational area (JPG 164 KB)

KNE feral ungulate hunting schedule

  • Maungakotukutuku Forest Goat control planned, near adjoining KCDC land
  • 5 - 20 June goat control by Trap and Trigger
Updated August 19, 2022 at 1:09 PM

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