Report of Business Activity 2000/2001

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  • Published Date Sat 01 Dec 2001

Wellington Regional Council collects, treats and delivers high quality water to our
region’s four city councils – Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt and Wellington – for end
supply to consumers.

The Water Group is the arm of the Council responsible for day-to-day supply
operations and for forecasting and planning for the water needs of those

Our mandate is to provide for a safe region with healthy citizens, by ensuring a
constant supply of safe, potable water. The Water Group has a clear commitment
to sustainable environmental management – which affords the production of water
at a fair price without unnecessary impact on the environment.

We have specific measurable standards for water quality, security of supply,
efficiency, health and safety, customer service and governance (see page 34).

Our many areas of activity are closely interlinked.
In this report, we have divided them into five broad sections:

? Water Quality
? Security of Supply
? Cost Efficiency
? Environmental Management
? And Risk Management
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