Options for Managing Risks from Tsunami in the Wellington Region

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Options for Managing Risks from Tsunami in the Wellington Region preview
  • Published Date Mon 01 Jul 2002
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Following on from previous work on tsunami hazard in the Wellington
Region, the Wellington Regional Council decided there needed to be a
more detailed investigation of options for managing and responding to the
tsunami hazard to the Region. Accordingly WRC commissioned Tonkin
and Taylor Ltd to undertake the current study.

The objectives for this project were identified as:
- To identify and assess options for managing risks from tsunami to the
Wellington Region; and
- To recommend a management approach for each distinct section of the
coastline or community.

The study of the tsunami hazard in the Wellington Region is a developing
science, and ongoing debate and investigation is necessary to refine not
only the hazard but also the degree of risk. The current study puts that to
one side and acknowledges that further work to refine that issue will be

The objectives of the current study are to identify management options that
territorial authorities can consider for application in their district as
appropriate, and apply them to specific areas when and as the required
scientific information becomes available.

Seven management principles have been identified and examined as to
their suitability for application to various parts of the Region’s coastline.
The study essentially provides a ‘tool kit’ or template for territorial
authorities, enabling them to mix and match management options that
best suit the characteristics, policies and objectives of their district.

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