Towards A Greater Wellington: Wellington Regional Council ten year plan 2000-2010 : 2001 Update Incorporating the 2001 - 2002 Annual Plan

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  • Published Date Sun 01 Jul 2001
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Investing in the Future: 2001 Update
The Annual Plan, Investing in the future : 2001 Update, is the blueprint for
the work WRC does on behalf of the regional community for the next 12
months. The Plan was adopted by council on June 28, and is now
available to the public.

What's in the Annual Plan, Investing in the Future: 2001 Update?
Last year the Council produced its ten year plan Towards a Greater
Wellington: Investing in the Future, which is our ten year vision for how we
hope to raise the quality of life in the greater Wellington Region. The 2001
Update focuses on the year ahead.

In that plan the Council outlined its vision that a Greater Wellington means:
• A High Quality Environment
• A Prosperous and Viable Region
• Healthy People in a Safe Region
• A Strong and Inclusive Regional Community

In recent months we have been busy reviewing the extent to which we now
need to fine tune our plans for the period 2001- 2010 (the remaining nine
years of our 10 year plan), with particular focus on 2001/ 02, the Council’s
next annual plan.

The law requires the Council to publish a ten year plan every three years.
We are also required by law to produce an annual plan. Our response, as
we prepare our annual plan each year, is to update our Long Term
Financial Strategy. In this way we keep our Long Term Financial
Strategy “refreshed” and therefore it is more relevant to both the Council
and to the Regional community.
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