Response to LGOIMA request 2023-100 18 May 2023

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Response to LGOIMA request 2023-100 18 May 2023 preview
  • Published Date Fri 28 Jul 2023
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Request for information: 

"This is a request for official information under the Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act 1987 relating to graphic designers within your organisation. 

We request the following information: 

  • How many in-house graphic designers does your organisation employ? 
  • What is the budget for in-house/employed graphic designers? 
  • How much has been spent on contracting external graphic designers? 
    • If external contractors have been used, why did your organisation not use your employed/in-house graphic designers?
  • If employed/in-house or external contractors have been used to design a report in the last12 months, was the report made public? 
    • If not, why not?"
Updated July 28, 2023 at 11:57 AM