LGOIMA response to request 2022-065 - 13 June 2022

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LGOIMA response to request 2022-065 - 13 June 2022 preview
  • Published Date Mon 13 Jun 2022
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Request for information 2022-065

"1. Please send me meeting and event attendance records for all councillors this triennium. Please include all full council and council committee meetings, all councillor workshops, and all official field trips or events (if such information is available).

2. Please send a spreadsheet showing all councillor's remuneration and personal expenses this triennium. I anticipate this would include base rem, additional rem for roles like committee chair, travel and other expense reimbursement. No detail required at this stage, just a table of totals broken down by councillor, spend type and financial year (including YTD for 2021-22, and updated totals once FY ends)."

Updated June 15, 2022 at 3:34 PM