Kaitoke Regional Park Management Plan

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Kaitoke Regional Park is important for regional water supply, protection forestry
and recreation, and, to a lesser extent, production forestry and farming. Current
recreational activities practised in the park include walking, horse riding, bicycling,
picnicking, camping, swimming, rafting and flora and fauna observation.

Kaitoke has been used for picnicking and swimming ever since the development
of the waterworks there in the 1950s.

In 1972 the creation of a regional countryside park in the southern Tararua Ranges
was proposed to further develop the recreational use of this area. The concept of
the Kaitoke Regional Park was further developed in the report Regional Parks for
the Wellington Region, published in 1976 by the Wellington Regional Planning
Authority. Development of the park commences in 1983, building on the existing
recreational development at Kaitoke.

This Management Plan for the Park was prepared by the Parks and Forests
Department of the Wellington Regional Council under the guidance of the Kaitoke
Regional Park Advisory Committee.

The plan is in two parts.
Part 1 : Aim, Objectives and Policies
Part 2 : Resource Statement
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