Earthquake induced slope failure hazard study: maps and booklets

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These map sheets, with accompanying booklets, have been compiled to
describe the earthquake induced slope failure hazard for the Wellington
region. The purpose of the map is to show the geographic variation in
slope failure hazard that could be expected during certain earthquake

For the purpose of this study, the region has been divided into five study

Sheet 1 – Wellington (WRC/PP-T-95/06)
Sheet 2 – Porirua & State Highway 58 corridor (WRC/PP-T-95/07)
Sheet 3 – Hutt Valley (WRC/PP-T-95/08)
Sheet 4 - Kapiti (WRC/PP-T-95/09)
Sheet 5 - State Highway 2 corridor (Upper Hutt to Featherston) (WRC/PP-T-

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