Cultural Values Report (Raukura, 2011)

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Cultural Values Report (Raukura, 2011) preview
  • Published Date Mon 28 Feb 2011
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This report is endorsed by the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust (PNBST) and the Wellington Tenths Trust [the Trusts]. The PNBST was mandated to settle all Treaty of Waitangi claims of Te Atiawa/Taranaki Whanui in the Port Nicholson Block. PNBST is the iwi authority for Wellington, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt Cities. Wellington Tenths Trust is a land owning Trust and has previously maintained the iwi authority role in Wellington. Te Tatau o te Po Marae as the successor of Pito-one Pā which was awarded the Parangarahu Block in 1847. Some of the families of Pito –one Pā remain as adjacent land-owners of what are commonly termed the Takarangi Blocks.

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