WTSM 2001 TN10_1 Preliminary Studies

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  • Published Date Sat 30 Nov 2002
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The Technical Specification outlined a preliminary studies task whose purpose was to undertake preliminary analyses of the survey data in order to inform a number of detailed decisions on the form and structure of the model. This report documents this task.

It is in three parts.

This main text summarises the main conclusions from each sub-task, with the overall conclusions being given at the end of the document.

Appendix A provides tables and figures supporting these conclusions.

Appendix B provides, for reference purposes, the detailed specifications of the analyses for the individual sub-tasks. As such it gives a fuller background to some of the issues. In particular, fuller discussions are given of Tasks 2.10 and 2.11.

For convenient cross-referencing, so far as possible each report uses identical chapter headings/numbers and similar sub-headings/numbers.

A few sections are not yet 100% complete (Review of Performance of Present Model, Generalised Cost and Ports & Airports). It is intended that these modifications will be issued as an addendum to this report at the appropriate time.

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