TN17 Validation Guidelines and Criteria - WTSM and WPTM

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TN17 Validation Guidelines and Criteria - WTSM and WPTM preview
  • Published Date Mon 31 Dec 2013
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Opus International Consultants Limited (Opus) and Arup Australia (Arup) were commissioned by Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) to rebase the existing 2006 Wellington Transport Strategy Model (WTSM) to a new base year of 2011. Opus updated the WTSM while Arup developed a Wellington Public Transport Model (WPTM) based on figures from WTSM and detailed public transport surveys. The whole process of model updates and development is complex and involves several steps which have each been individually reported in a series of technical notes.

This technical note (TN) aims to set out the criteria to which both the WTSM and WPTM models will be validated, to ensure they are reasonably replicating the base case transport movements and patterns.

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