Technical Note 2: Observed Commercial Vehicle Matrix Development

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Technical Note 2: Observed Commercial Vehicle Matrix Development preview
  • Published Date Wed 26 Nov 2014
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The technical note is part of a series documenting the 2013 update of the Wellington Transport Models, which are maintained by Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC).

The transport models include the Wellington Transport Strategy Model (WTSM), which is a four stage model developed in 2001 and updated in 2006 and then again in 2011, as well as the Wellington Public Transport Model (WPTM) a more detailed public transport assignment model developed in 2011.

This technical note documents the process of producing the sample and expanded matrices of 2013 commercial vehicle (medium and heavy) trips at both daily level and for the AM, interpeak, PM and overnight time periods. The observed matrices form the basis from which the new Commercial Vehicle Model will be developed, which will be embedded in WTSM. The Commercial Vehicle Model development is documented separately.

The technical note is organised to document:

  • The input data;
  • The process of converting tracking data into trips;
  • Expansion of the sample data; and
  • A summary of key figures.
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