Draft Environmental Code of Practice and Monitoring Plan

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Draft Environmental Code of Practice and Monitoring Plan preview
  • Published Date Fri 31 Oct 2014
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This Code of Practice (Code) is GWRC’s key document that directs how all2 flood protection and erosion control activities across the region are done, irrespective of funding, location and whether an activity requires resource consent or not (i.e. it applies to permitted activities as well as those activities for which resource consent is required under the regional plans). The Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMP) is included in the Code and outlines the monitoring that GWRC will do of these activities to allow practice to be adapted should this monitoring show that unexpected or significant effects on values are occurring.

The rivers and watercourses that the Flood Protection (FP) Department of GWRC actively manages are shown in Appendix 2. This Code will replace the current Environmental Code of Practice dated March 1999.

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