Fish passage in the Wellington Region

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Fish passage in the Wellington Region preview
  • Published Date Thu 24 Jun 2021
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New Zealand is home to more than 50 native freshwater fish species. Of these, around 70% are at risk of, or threatened by, extinction.

In the Wellington region, our waterways are home to around 20 species of native freshwater fish, and most of these species need to be able to move freely between the sea and freshwater in order to complete their lifecycle. Tuna (eels) and whitebait are well-known examples of native fish that need an unimpeded ‘fish passage’ to survive.

Some man-made structures ( e.g. culverts, weirs, fords and dams) pose a risk to these fish by creating a barrier and preventing their movement between, and within waterbodies. This can affect their population numbers, and ability to complete their lifecycle.

Updated December 7, 2022 at 1:06 AM