This is the second annual monitoring report for the Wellington Region Land Transport Plan 2021 (RLTP).

The monitoring framework consists of the 3 headline targets which are the main performance indicators. Together with the measures and indicators in the framework, these will track our progress toward the regional programme objectives and outcomes.

The monitoring framework consists of eleven measures and 19 indicators for the Wellington region. The main performance indicators are the headline targets, they are ambitious and indicate the scale of change we want to make in the ten years to 2030. 

The headline targets are:

  • Increase public transport and active mode share by 40 percent
  • Reduce transport-generated emissions by 35 percent
  • Reduce road deaths and serious injuries by 40 percent

The RLTP objectives and outcomes 

Objective: 'A high quality, reliable public transport network'

Objective: 'A reliable and effective strategic road network'

Objective: 'An effective network for the movement of freight'

Objective: 'A safer system for all users of our regional road network'

Objective: 'An increasingly resilient transport network'

  • Improved transport infrastructure resilience to disruption from unplanned events
  • A transport network that supports the restoration of access and regional recovery after a major event
  • Reduced regional economic risk

Objective: 'A well planned, connected and integrated transport network'

Objective: 'An attractive and safe walking and cycling network'

Objective: 'An efficient and optimised transport system that minimises the impact on the environment'

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