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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Updated 29 July 2016 8:35am


The effectiveness of the Strategy will be actively monitored by the WRS Office who will develop a monitoring and evaluation system for the WRS, bearing in mind that we need to maintain a long-term view of progress, while also needing to allow for adaptability and change.

Specific actions undertaken within the six focus areas will be reported annually. This includes WRS Office activities in the GWRC Annual Report and WREDA's annual and six monthly reports.

Some WRS projects will also be evaluated to determine their outcomes. For example a formal evaluation of a three year business research and student learning programme with Victoria University will be completed in early 2016. 

A "measuring progress" report will be published every three years. The broad nature of the report will be information on the targets and outcomes, and will be complemented and supported by the wider body of monitoring information provided by the Genuine Progress Index.