Risk Associated with Hazardous Substances in the Wellington Region : Scoping Study Report

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  • Published Date Wed 01 Aug 2001

As part of a strategy that aims at achieving an acceptable level of risk from
hazards in the Region, the Wellington Regional Council commissioned a
series of studies into risks associated with hazardous substances,
particularly risks posed by natural hazards.

During 1998-2000 petroleum products were investigated. This study
completes the series by examining other (non-petroleum) chemicals or
hazardous substances.

This study covers all hazardous substances covered by the Hazardous
Substances and New Organisms Act 1996, except for petroleum
substances, pesticides and biological substances.

The objectives of the study were to:
a) Identify the nature and distribution of hazardous substances stored in
the Wellington Region;
b) Assess the vulnerability of these storage facilities to natural hazards;
c) Consider the hazard associated with the transportation of hazardous
substances; and
d) Estimate the consequential risk to the community and the environment.

Maps showing the environments, hazards and risks have been compiled
using a Geographical Information System and are presented in this report.

This report includes tables, figures, appendices, bibliography and GIS
maps. 35 pp. Opus International Consultants were commissioned by the
Regional Council to undertake this scoping study.
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