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Proposed Natural Resources Plan

Proposed Natural Resources Plan

Updated 3 September 2018 12:49pm

The PNRP hearings portal is where we make available copies of our s42A reports, redline version of the plan, evidence, audio recordings of the hearings and more.   

Please click here to access the portal

If you have any access problems, please contact the hearings advisor at

Hearings, Topics and Provisions

Hearings were scheduled by topics over six hearing streams, which commenced on 22 May 2017 and finished on 12 June 2018. Submitters that advised that they wished to speak to their submissions, were scheduled to appear at the relevant hearing topics. A list of the plan provisions covered under each hearing can be found on the link below:

SDR Database - use this to search submission points, provisions and to see if there are any further submissions made on your submission. This remains up to date and allows you to search for your submitter name or number.

Hearings have largely been completed

What remains is the Right of Reply hearing for the topics of Discharges to Land (HS5); and Contaminated land and hazardous substances, Discharges within drinking water supply protection areas (HS6).


The hearings were scheduled as below:

Hearing Stream One - 22 May 2017

Overall policy framework for the proposed plan, Beneficial Use and Development, & Areas and sites with significant mana whenua values

Hearing Stream Two - 10 July 2017

Air Quality Management, Land use in riparian margins and stock access to water bodies, & Soil Conservation

Hearing Stream Three - 4 September 2017

Water Allocation & Natural Form and Function

Hearing Stream Four - 12 February 2018

Water quality & Stormwater

Hearing Stream Five - 9 April 2018

Beds of lakes and Rivers, Wetlands and Biodiversity,Discharges to land

Hearing Stream Six - 28 May 2018

Coast, Natural Hazards, & Significant historic heritage values, Contaminated land, and hazardous substances

Hearing Panel Directions

All minutes issued will be made available at Panel Directions.

Pre-Hearing Meetings

Pre-hearing meetings have been held on issues that may be resolved or for further clarity.

To view a schedule of pre-hearing meetings that have been held, please click the below link:

Pre-hearing Meetings

Frequently Asked Questions on the Hearing Process

Please check out our FAQS section for information in the upcoming hearing process.

FAQS on the hearing process

We will update these regularly to ensure you can find the information you need.