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Greater Wellington Great Outdoors


Explore the regional parks and forests on your doorstep with our Greater Wellington Great Outdoors programme. We offer more than 50 events set in some of the region's most spectacular landscapes.

Our 2016-2017 Annual Report is now available


It was a big year - earthquakes, floods, 4.38m visitors to our Regional Parks, 4,399 better bike riders thanks to Pedal Ready, 30,000 downloads of the Metlink Commuter App. See all our numbers in our latest annual report

Whaitua - communities managing local water quality


Whaitua means space or catchment. Our Whaitua Committees are groups of passionate local people working together to deliver better water quality in their community. Get involved.

What matters to you?


We’re working on our Long Term Plan right now, this is a really important document, we use this to prioritise our work and make sure we not only continue to provide, but improve our services for the region and the people in it. We want to make sure

Is it safe to swim


Check the latest toxic algae information before you head for your swim in the river. The Hutt River is now safe for swimming and dog walking.

17 Jan
Harbour View Evening Walk

18 Jan
Kev the Kiwi goes for an Adventure

What Matters to You?