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Community input

Community input

Updated 18 June 2018 9:44am

The Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee continues to meet with people from across the Wairarapa to discuss future land and water management.

From previous community conversations, the Committee has established a picture of how waterways are valued by people in the Ruamāhanga River catchment - what importance people place on water for its life sustaining properties as well as for recreational, economic and cultural uses. They also asked the community for their ideas for solutions in the Wairarapa. For example, what would be a fair way of restricting water use during the summer?

In mid-2017 the Committee asked for feedback on their draft approach to managing discharges. You can find the responses from the community here 

The Committee has organised discussions in country halls, marae and event centres, as well as through online tools and at festivals. All discussions are recorded and are publically available.

The Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee will continue to gather community input with details of any future events or surveys available on this webpage. You can contact the committee at any time by emailing

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Key community discussions

Whaitua Implementation Programme (WIP) discussions

The Committee is currently talking with water users who may be affected in the future by potential changes to minimum flows and allocation limits. 

Policy approaches

The Committee sought feedback on their draft approach to managing discharges.  

Solutions discussions

The communities ideas for solutions will feed into the Committee's design of scenarios (potential futures to test) and into their final recommendations to the Council in their Whaitua Implementation Programme report. 

Values discussions

Community values developed from these values discussions will underpin the Committee's decision making as they consider different options for land and water management depending on how these community and mana whenua values are affected.