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Air quality

Air quality

Updated 21 October 2019 4:43pm

Everyone deserves clean air to breathe. Breathing polluted air can lead to respiratory (lung) and cardiovascular (heart) problems. Certain groups of people, such as children and the elderly, are especially vulnerable. 

Greater Wellington measures air quality within designated airsheds to ensure we are meeting National Environmental Standards, as well as Regional Land Transport Plan targets.

Home fires and air quality

Wood smoke contains lots of fine particles called particulate matter. Home fires are responsible for about 80% of all particle air pollution produced in the region.


Learn about the rules that apply to wood burners and how to become a better burner.

Download our latest report card for further information about the impact of fires on air quality


    More information

If you are being affected by unpleasant or excessive amounts of chimney smoke we will happily provide some targeted advice. Please call our Environmental Hotline 0800 496 734. This will be followed up by a member of our Environmental Regulation team. You may also wish to contact your local authority who may have bylaws or other legislation to deal with this.