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Whaitua Committees

Whaitua Committees

Updated 3 August 2017 1:46pm

Whaitua Committees work closely with local communities to make informed decisions about land and fresh water management for future generations.

Ruāmahanga Whaitua Committee 

Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee - Terms of Reference

Te Awarua-o-Porirua Whaitua Committee

Te Awarua-o-Porirua Whaitua Committee - Terms of Reference

What are Whaitua Committees?

Whaitua committees are groups of local people responsible for developing a Whaitua Implementation Programme (WIP) in conjunction with their community. A WIP describe the ways in which the people from that catchment want to manage their water now and for future generations through a range of integrated tools, policies and strategies.

Committees are made up of local community members, iwi representatives, local authority representatives, and Greater Wellington Regional Council representatives. Recommendations proposed in a WIP are agreed by consensus.

From mountains to sea, ki uta ki tai video

This video explains the Whaitua concept and managing our local water quality in more detail.

Five Whaitua Committees

The Wellington Region has been split into five whaitua (catchments) with a committee in each making decisions on the future of land and water management in that whaitua.

The following whaitua committees have been established:

The following three committees to be established are:

  • Wellington Harbour and Hutt Valley Whaitua
  • Kāpiti Coast Whaitua
  • Wairarapa Coast Whaitua