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Waikanae River

Waikanae River

Updated 9 May 2019 11:58am

The Waikanae River flows from the western foothills of the Tararua Ranges about 50 km north of Wellington. The upper catchment covers 125 square kilometres of predominately regenerating native bush, mature forest and pasture.

The Waikanae River meanders through a diverse landscape which has changed significantly over the years. On the upper plain near the ranges, the river's course cuts through alluvial gravels deposited by the river, before moving down through coastal sand dunes between Waikanae and Paraparaumu, to the sea.

The Waikanae River is one of the distinctive natural features of the area and is highly valued by the local community. However, as well as being a great asset there are times when the river floods, causing considerable damage and cost to the community. A major flood in the Waikanae River could cause millions of dollars worth of damage to property and community assets

Greater Wellington Regional Council is responsible for managing flood risks assocated with the Waikanae River. The Waikanae Floodplain Management Plan sets out what we will do manage this flood risk. This plan is in the process of being implemeted.

For more information visit the following page: Waikanae Floodplain Management Plan. 

The Waikanae River Environmental Strategy sets out a range of recommendations relating to the management of the Waikanae River Environment, paticulary the riparian margins from the water treatment plant to the estuary.