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Pest plants

Pest plants

Updated 10 February 2017 3:03pm

Greater Wellington Regional Council controls some pest plants for free.

 There are now more exotic plants growing wild in New Zealand than native plants. Many of these are threatening our regions parks and reserves, and others are invading our productive land. Many of these are considered weeds as they can cause serious harm to our environment, health risks to people or a loss to our agriculutural industries.

With so many weedy plants out there it is everyone's responsibility to help keep them under control. 

Seen it? Call us!

If you think you have seen moth plant, report an infestation on 0800 496 734 or Go to for more information.

If you think you have seen one of our
total control pest plant species contact us on
0800 496 734 or  
We control these plants for free


moth plant infestation



Strategic Pest Plant Management

Greater Wellington has identified four levels of control for pest plant species in the Wellington region:

Regional surveillance
Total control
Site-led (Human health and boundary control)

In addition to the pest plants above there are many more that may be treated if they are considered to be a threat to a Key Native Ecosystem (KNE). Individual pest plants require varying levels of control and management techniques.  GWRC can offer advice.  Please look at our general weed control brochure or go to: weedbusters. 

Useful websites

The following website pages may be useful to find out more information about pest plants:

Northland Regional Council General weed control information and identification
Southland Regional Council General weed control information and identification
Department of Conservation Weed impacts on our natural environment
Ministry for Primary Industries pest plant related matters from the national Biosecurity agency
NIWA aquatic weed information
Landcare Research All you need to know about the biological control of weeds and future developments 
Weedbusters national weed awareness programme
Agpest is a free online tool to assist farmers and agricultural professionals with pest and weed management decision making

In addition our neighbouring regional councils Hawke's Bay Regional Council and Horizons Regional Council both have pest plants which they focus on.