Need a resource consent?

Need a resource consent?

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Types of resource consents    back to top

GWRC deals with four types of resource consent:

  • Land use consents: for activities that involve constructing or altering bores, using or disturbing a river bed or lake bed, or soil disturbances
  • Discharge permits: for activities that involve discharging a contaminant or water into water, discharging a contaminant onto or into land, or into air
  • Water permits: for activities that involve taking, damming or diverting water
  • Coastal permits: for activities in the coastal marine area.

City and district councils deal with consents for other activities, such as subdivision consents and building permits.

Activities that need resource consent are classified as controlled, restricted discretionary, discretionary and non-complying in our regional plans. Our regional plan user guide provides helpful guidance for you to see if your activity requires a resource consent.

If you are unsure about whether your activity needs resource consent, please contact us.


Common permitted activities     back to top

Some activities are classified as permitted. Permitted activities are allowed without resource consent provided that conditions specified in the GWRC regional plan rule for that activity are complied with.

Some common permitted activities are:

All permitted activities can be found by checking the rules in our regional plans.

If you are unsure about whether your activity is considered a permitted activity, please contact us.